How It Works

For our fully hosted Race Nights, our projectionist will arrive in good time to set up all the projection equipment needed, big screen, projector, speaker and radio microphone. He provides your package of films, betting tickets, race cards, etc., on arrival.

Once set up, our Projectionist/MC will explain to your guests the format of the evening. If you have an appointed Compere, the Projectionist will ensure he/she fully understands the format and can pass the information on to your guests.

Your appointed betting ticket sellers, who will have been advised on their roles by us, are then ready to take the bets. The Punters place bets on their selected number or numbers in the first race. We suggest bets are priced at £1 each, though bets can be 50p each if it suits you better. When the betting has finished, the Projectionist will calculate the odds on the 8 runners and announce the pay outs to your guests. Pay outs are usually only paid on the winning horse.

After the pay outs are completed, the MC will then make the necessary announcements for the next race.

Call us on 01626 852594 or 07817 330301
or email for further details