Frequently Asked Questions

How much float do I need?
Probably more than you think! Allow at least £100 in coins, split £80/£20 between £1 coins and 50p pieces; plus £50 in £5 notes. On Race 1 in particular, many people will pay for their bets with notes.

Do you provide a microphone?
We provde all sound systems required including a radio microphone.

How much notice do you need?
It is never too early to book with us - but it can be too late. Some dates fill very quickly, while on occasions we can offer a late booking, so always enquire. Most importantly, allow yourselves time to prepare for your Race Night.

What area do you cover?
We cover all of the South West, and we are available during the day or in the evening 365 days a year.

Do you provide betting ticket sellers?
Yes, betting ticket sellers can be supplied, particularly for Corporate Events. Of course, there is a charge for each ticket seller. Most fundraisers provide their own sellers, who receive helpful instructions from our Projectionist/MC.

Are race cards supplied?
Pre-printed race cards are provided in your package with a sample sent with your confirmation. You can, of course, print your own personalised cards, if you prefer.

How long does a Race Night take?
An evening of eight races wil take between 2 to 2.5 hours depending on number of guests attending. If you incorporate a food break, this can add at least a further hour onto your time.

Call us on 01626 852594 or 07817 330301 or email for further details