Victorian Games Evenings

Victorian Games
As well as Race Nights, we also offer Victorian Games Evenings.

Not a good fundraiser but perfect for Hotel Entertainment, smaller number events, or private parties. Seven simple games, suitable for all ages; Bagatelle, Shove 'apenny, Table Skittles, Roll-a-Penny, Quoits, Target Croquet, etc., played for prizes, or simply just for fun.

Six of the games are played on tables (provided by the venue) and one is a floor game. Points are scored on all the games. We provide the score cards, a MC/organiser and, if needed, a further helper to avoid 'poetic licence' scoring!

Fun Picture Quiz
This is often included in a Corporate Race Night or Victorian Games Evening to bring something different to the event. A simple picture fun quiz where your guests can't get their answers from their mobile phones!

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